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Our story starts way back.


Women Empowering Positive Women (WEPW) is a women led  Non -Profit Organization & Social  Enterprise started  to revive, develop and enhance practical skills and talents of  women  living with HIV, including immigrants, non status and refugees. 

WEPW was formed after identifying untapped talents of women living with HIV during support groups and  health promotional programs.  During these meetings, women were bringing their hand made items to sell and support each other.  It was after this realization that there was a need to bridge the gap of economic disparity among  women living with HIV/AIDS, and WEPW was born. WEPW project was developed in a Non Profit Leadership and Management Program at Seneca College in 2016 

( Dakarayi Chigugudhlo  Project Lead, Folasade Kayode and Serhan Aktas, Project Team members).

Our program is coordinated by skilled volunteers with the support from part -time staff and Advisory Committee members. An arts- based approach was developed  in collaboration with professional artists who facilitate cultural and artistic activities that provide women with opportunities to celebrate their diverse talents, showcase their artwork; and deepen their community engagement and strengthen their relations among different ethno-cultural communities. 


WEPW will endeavour  to promote skills building, education, employment, health and  empower women  and girls through economic empowerment opportunities to achieve self reliance and improve quality of life.


To empower vulnerable women living with HIV by creating opportunities to become self sufficient and increase their chances of income security, social networks and reduce stigma

Core Values


  • Commitment
  • Sensitivity
  • Participatory
  • Accountability

Our core values are guided by everything we do

We are here for marginalized women living with HIV – whatever their story and their complex changes. We celebrate diversity and commit to support women achieve fulfilled life.


To reduce poverty of low-income women living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto.

To provide referral services to equip women with life skills in order to sustain their lives and well being of their families.


Objective 1.  To improve the socio-economic status of   women  living with HIV  through creation of   income-generating activities that are  self-sustaining

Objective 2. To provide skills that give employability to women, to provide competencies and skill that enable women to become self-employed/ entrepreneurs.

Object 3. To assist 2050 women with skills training and  promote their products within one year

Objective 4.To  provide support for women to independently build sustainable businesses to earn extra income and financially support their families   

Objective 5.  To establish partnerships with  HIV Organizations and other  community  organizations serving women across the GTA/ Province


Women Score Against Poverty Project 2020

We have secured funding from two funders, Alterna Saving Bank and an undisclosed funder for the year 2020 project.  The Women Score Against Poverty project is staring on Friday, 21st of February 2020, where women will learn sewing, garment repairs and reuse or repurpose.  30 women registered for the funding cycle, but our numbers are limited to 10 women, because of funding.  Once we get more funding, we will be able to support more women.

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