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Our organization is involved in numerous projects.

Entrepreneurship Program
  • Our entrepreneurship program provides skills and knowledge tailored to personal goals and vision. The program helps women to plan and explore funding opportunities, marketing,  expert advice.

Growing Your business Expertise

  • Our team of expert advisors provide one on one advice and direct individuals to industry specific advice: market research, funding, and sales focus.


Growing Your Business Expertise

  • Training ( regular skills building seminars  e.g. building  social media platforms,  search engine optimization and make -pitch

Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Module 1:  Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Module 2:  Business Ideation

Module 3:  Competitive Advantage

Module 4:  Starting a Business basics

Module 5:  Create a Business Plan

Module 6:  How to get Finances

Module 7:  Human Resources

Module 8:  Employee Training

Module 9:  Marketing

Module 10: Business Operation

Module 11:  Growing the Business

Business Fundamental Training

Career Development

  • Our Career development program offer expert advice, skills training  and career development opportunities  to help women realize their potential. Participants are empowered to be more proactive in identifying career, planning and provide support and resources to help participants build their career in their chosen industry

Personal Development

Our personal development program is designed to  help women  develop their personal vision and build on it to achieve success. Developing personal vision helps women to have a clear direction  and purpose for their lives. It also helps in building self esteem and confidence.

Arts -Based Skills Building Program

Women Empowering Positive Women offers arts -based skills training and talent development that helps women revive and build their practical skills. In this program, women learn knitting, crotchet, jewelry making, sewing face masks, garment construction and repairs. These projects are run by diverse women livingwith HIV who are capable of training other women through a train a trainer program.

Wellbeing & Community

We believe that should have equal opportunities as men, and we work tirelessly to empower and equip women by providing tools to change the current realties in the HIV sector.  We encourage women to take active roles in their communities and the organizations they work

Volunteer Program

We are a women led organization that rely on the commitment and dedication of our volunteers to provide support to our programs. Volunteers are the lifeline of our organization that has changed the lives of our community members. Our volunteer engagement has helped to achieve our mission and objectives. We believe and value our volunteers for their service


Project Activities

Knitting Project

WEPW pilot project started with 10 women who participated in the first pilot, Kni tting/Crotchet Project, where women knitted /crotchet beautiful, high-quality dresses, scarves, hats, baby sets, sweaters, and bags. WEPW supported HIV positive women to build on their existing skill sets, ideas; and celebrate their diverse talents and have an opportunity to showcase their artwork.

Beading Out of Poverty

Women who participated in the Jewelry/Bead Making Project.  Volunteers trained women in jewelry making. The former graduates supported the new group and participated in selling their products in community events and festivals.

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Savings Club

WEPW Savings Club which was based on the Rotating Credit and Savings Association format. The Savings Club had two groups of $100 and $50.00 monthly contributions. The purpose of the savings club was to save money and be able to set goals that allow them to live their dreams and contribute meaningfully to their families and communities.

Vendor Opportunities

Women Empowering Positive Women participated at community events such as Pride Toronto, Afro-fest, Scarborough Festival and Canada Celebrates 50 in Scarborough: and the women put their merchandise together for sale in these events.  Women were able to make connections with other vendors and got valuable leads to future events.

Psycho -Social Education

The aim of the program is to maintain and create a supportive and welcoming environment for women living with HIV.  It also help building  resilience in women who experienced traumas, isolation , HIV stigma and discrimination.

This program was  to increase  women’s  self-confidence, and self-esteem, social networks; and reduce stigma and discrimination, by equipping women with the tools to fight stigma.

Youth Mentorship Program


A mentor provides support and guidance  and allowing mentees to focus on their future goals.

 The mentor is expected to act as a role model to the mentee, lead by example and demonstrate professionalism and skill in all aspects of the role. The mentor will help in integrating and introducing the mentee to the work culture; and share their expertise, experience and continually assess the learning needs of the mentee

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