Scarfs from the  Knitting Out of Poverty Project

Scarfs from the Knitting Out of Poverty project                                                                                                                                                     Knitting Out Of Poverty (KOOP) Project                                                              Knitting Out Of Poverty is the first project of Women Empowering Positive Women to revive and build the skills and talents of women. The talents that were once dead because of  health challenges are at work, changing the socio- economic circumstance of  African Caribbean and Black  (ACB) women.

Jewellery Making (Beading) Project

This project trains women to make beautiful jewellery pieces using beads and ornaments following traditional African designs.

Sewing Out of Poverty (KOOP) Project

The SOOP Project is our next project  to develop and build  skills  in fashion and designing for women. Fashion and designing trainers will  teach this program.

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