News and Events

Graduation Ceremony

The second graduation ceremony took place on September 13th at PWA.  Dakarayi delivered the organisation’s Annual Report, elaborating in detail on the work achieved. She also expressed the organisations gratitude with the support from founding partners Toronto People With Aids Foundation and Woman Health in Women’s Hands.  Graduates who completed the program were given certificates of completion and enjoyed a delicious lunch. 

Dakarayi delivers the Annual Report
Some of the items on display at the graduation ceremony.


Our most successful exhibit for 2018 was at the 2018 Afrofest Festival at Woodbine Park in Toronto.

Toronto Pride 

Women Empowering Positive Women displayed at the 2018 Pride Toronto Festival for the first time.

Scarborough Afro Carib Festival

The final event that we booked in the summer was the Afro Carib festival, in partnership with Luma Naturals

UP Coming Events

Make A Pitch November 3, 2018

Whether women have just the initial spark of an idea  or ready to start  a project,WEPW provide client led, impartial support and help individual women to  pitch their  idea and develop their unique  projects. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere where women create innovative solutions through Women Empowering Positive Women.


Black Owned Pop Up Market December 11, 2018

Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the Exhibition Centre