About Us


Our mission is to ensure knowledge and understanding of HIV in women living and vulnerable to HIV, in order to reduce HIV re infection and co- infection with sexually transmitted infections by promoting culturally appropriate approaches, action to inform and empower women


Our vision is a zero new HIV infections, and women living with HIV live fulfilling and happier lives

Who We are

Women Empowering Positive Women is a non profit and social enterprise formed to revive practical skills, educate and empower marginalized women and girls living and affected by HIV.  We do this by providing support in skills and talent development, through teaching women how to make beautiful, high quality handmade products.

WEPW’s target  the  most marginalized women and girls who have been impacted by poverty, unemployment, trauma, stigma and discrimination in society as a result of health and life challenges. WEPW provide an opportunity for women to learn business, life skills and talent development that help them to earn extra income and increase value for their work. Our methods are based on social entrepreneurship, seeking to develop and provide social and economic empowerment programs for women.

Women Empowering Positive Women (WEPW) was formed to restore the dignity and self-worth of the most marginalized women experiencing poverty, unemployment, homelessness, trauma, stigma and discrimination in society as a result of health and life challenges. WEPW provide education, life skills training and talent development by building on women existing skills, asset and ideas. WEPW provide support for  women to build  skills and talents into sustainable income -generating initiatives. We work with women from diverse communities  who are passionate about changing their socio -economic circumstances and  believing  in their  own abilities. WEPW believe that women  have potential to flourish and  build the lives, families and communities.

WEPW provide appropriate referrals for services, supports and create a wide dialogue about health prevention practices that reduce risk factors affecting the health of women. WEPW address issues around poverty, unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, trauma, stigma and discrimination and healthcare access. WEPW capacitating women to be on the forefront, taking an active role in advocating and addressing emerging issues affecting them, which creates significant obstacles in accessing services.  We also support entrepreneurship for women who have the capacity to increase their earning capacity through income generating initiatives.

Women Aging with HIV 50+

Women make up a significant proportion of people living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS in Canada. Despite the myth that older women do not have sex, Older are dating and engage in sexual activities with their partners. Epidemiological data shows that 80% of older adults are infected through sexual activity and uptake of testing among Canadians over 50 is very low (HIV in Canada: A primer for service providers, Catie).
While women are at risk of HIV infection, marginalized women who are socially and economically disadvantaged face determinants of health such as poverty, unemployment, income insecurity, health care challenges , which adversely impact their risk for HIV infection and experiences of late diagnosis , treatment, care and support

                  Our Social Value

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Meet Our Team 

Dakarayi Chigugudhlo – Founder and CEO

Dakarayi Chigugudhlo

Dakarayi is the visionary of Women Empowering Positive Women (WEPW), a non profit &  Social Enterprise formed to address the socio – economic constraints experienced by women living with HIV, where survival choices in the context of poverty are limited.

Dakarayi brings many years of leadership and management experience as  former Owner of Combined Private Investigation Security Company, the company she formed to emancipate women who were  subjected by men and denied access to employment. She sailed through and overcame obstacles in a primarily white male dominated industry.  It is in this capacity that Dakarayi was recognized as the first woman to run a security company in Zimbabwe.

Dakarayi graduated with Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Toronto and completed M.A. in Critical Disability Studies at York University and Non Profit  Leadership & Management  Graduate Certificate at Seneca College. Working hard and bringing her educational training experience to her work, Dakarayi is result-oriented development professional with a passion to make transformative change in women’s lives. She is a committed and inspirational Community Leader, as seen in her community involvement and engagement. Her strident selfless outstanding leadership qualities reflective with her work has influenced many lives in a positive way in the community.

Dakarayi volunteered in several organizations in paid and non-paid capacities. She  served in several Advisory committees , Steering Committees and  Community Based Research Projects.Dakarayi received Recognition Award from Inspector of Toronto Police, Nick Memme in 2007. In 2012 she   shared a platform with UN women President Almas Juwani and honoured with the Leadership Award at the Immigrant Talk Show Awards. In 2013, she received the Education Award from the Black Women Moving Forward . In 2018, Dakarayi received an Outstanding Community Dedication Award from Inspire Awards 2018

Nokukhaya – Finance

Nokukhaya is a founding member of Women Empowering Positive Women.

Sandra Justine Kyagaba Basajja

Sandra is one of the founding members of Women Empowering Positive Women.

Advisory Committee

The WEPW Advisory committee comprises of members who are passionate in supporting a cause. They have different expertise in banking (bankers) Evaluation (PHD candidate), Policy (Public Health), Social Workers and Arts and Craft (Expert), members of Community (PHA’s). The Advisory Committee meet three times a year to review programs, support and provide recommendations.